INGENIA TALENT is a SEARCH and SELECTION firm focused on scaling up teams. Our process ensures organizations hire with confidence and move forward to meet organizational goals. We work with startups, early stage, growing, international and well-established organizations expanding into new markets to SOURCE, ENGAGE and SELECT qualified candidates to join your organization on a full-time basis.



If you are a startup, early stage, growing, mature, international organization or thinking of expanding to new markets, our experts are here to understand your organizational culture and qualifications needed to ensure a successful long-term hire. We know you cannot do everything or be everywhere. We work with you to help grow your team and successfully move forward:

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    Executing Strategic Projects?

    We understand your organization may have projects requiring rapid reaction and time-to-market; INGENIA is here to help with: Headquarter relocation • Launching new branches • Establishing departments

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    Hacking Growth?

    You’ve overcome your biggest obstacles, new products have been tested, funding is secured to support growth, but who is SOURCING, ENGAGING and SELECTING the right talent for your organization to move forward? INGENIA Talent is here to understand the culture of your organization and qualifications of hiring needs to successfully SOURCE, ENGAGE and SELECT the right talent. Our goal is for you to hire with confidence while we serve as an offset of your organization.

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    Entering into new markets?

    Your company may have limited internal capabilities to support growth outside of your current market where success is driven by factors outside of your control.



Because your organization cannot do everything everywhere, partnering with us will help you in different business scenarios where you need to grow your team and move forward:

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    Executing Strategic Projects

    Projects that require a rapid reaction and time-to-market (e.g., headquarters relocation, setting up new branches or departments, opening a new location, etc.)

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    Hacking Growth

    You have already crossed the chasm; your product concept is already tested, funding is secured to support growth and teams have to scale-up… but an HR function may not even exist in YOUR company

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    Entering into new markets

    Your company may have limited internal capabilities to support growth outside your home market; and success is driven by factors outside of your control

What We Do

We have developed a fresh and genuine approach to sourcing, engaging and selecting of those middle managers/individual contributors who are embracing the dynamics of today’s work environment.

How We Do It

With empathy, passion, hard-work and a well-defined process. Name generation and intuition alone are not effective when sourcing, engaging and selecting talent. We believe in SELECTION. Combining state of the art technology and our team of experts, we provide quality, results and deliver the right talent to keep you moving forward.

Why we are different

INGENIA’s value add lies on the execution of our thorough process. We leverage powerful, agile tools throughout our process to deliver what matters most: sustainable performance.