There is a good blend of backgrounds, skills and personalities that brings a good balance to our team

Once upon a time, we were hiring managers and understand the challenges encountered when outsourcing Talent Acquisition. As such, we joined INGENIA because we all care about people, are hard workers, love doing the right things for our customers and candidates. A group of innovators, we enjoy experimenting, trying new ways of obtaining better results and challenging the “norms”. Simply put, we care.

Our proven model and tools allows us to work on a national and global level. With presence in Boston, Miami and Houston, we are a distributed team, permanently connected through collaborative tools, working under a responsible freedom model, adapted to the reality of the new environment and our customer needs.

Paco Robles

Managing Partner

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Paco founded INGENIA Talent to help building sustainable organizations giving maximum leverage to HR & business line managers to grow their businesses. Paco obtained a MBA from MIT with an emphasis in Innovation, Leadership and Global Strategy. Throughout his career, he has served in senior management positions in corporate complex environments in Boston, Miami, Madrid and Geneva.

Paco resides in Newton, MA with his wife and four daughters. A passionate marathon runner, he is on his humble way to complete the six World Majors.

Iraide Limia

Senior Talent Manager

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Iraide has 13 years of experience in the Talent Management arena in the US market. She has worked in talent management and succession planning and has consulted at management and executive levels on leadership development, competency assessments, team building and organizational development. Iraide holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Public Relations from Universidad del País Vasco.

Lauren Furmanski

Senior Talent Manager
South Florida

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After graduating from Columbia University with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology, Lauren spent the past 15 years recruiting in a variety of industries including health care and travel & hospitality. Prior to joining INGENIA, Lauren was managing the Corporate Talent Acquisition function at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. where she had a team of 5 professionals working with her.