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I’m currently absorbed by one of the most exciting business books I’ve ever come across — Zero to One, a masterpiece written by Paypal and Palantir co-founder, Peter Thiel — in collaboration with one of his students, Blake Master.

Zero to One’s line of thought can be summarized as follows — it is easier to copy a model than to create something new; doing what we already know how to do adds incremental value, from 1 to n. But by creating something new, we move from 0 to 1. Actually, this is not new! But Thiel articulates his ideas in a brilliant way, sharing very useful tips for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Those who are changing the World and those financing the changes. And for the rest of us who will not create the new Facebook, it is a very helpful to understand how to learn from the past and look into the future — from an optimistic and definite lens. Worth reading.
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